October 19, 2018

R2 Unified Technologies

Managed IT services is a trendy buzzword in today’s business world. But what does it really mean - and why should you consider pursuing a managed services model?

Let’s find out!

What Are Managed IT Services?

Under this model, a service provider assumes responsibility for monitoring, managing, and resolving issues included in defined IT systems. It can include managed cloud services, managed security services, and more.

How can this model help your business?

  1. Reduce hardware costs. Keeping up with the latest tech is pricey. Partnering with service provider alleviates the burden of investing in and upgrading expensive equipment.

  2. Leverage specialized technologies. It is difficult for small businesses to find the resources to hire an IT staff to build, implement, manage, and troubleshoot systems. Managed services allow you to leverage the expertise you need in a streamlined cost structure.

  3. And do it less expensively. All that tech talent comes at a price - and they are increasingly difficult to find! Outsourcing, again, empowers you to utilize your resources most effectively.

  4. Training is eliminated. Training IT staff is time-consuming and resource-draining. You can skip this step by opting to work with a team of specialists.

  5. Time. Time is gold. If you free up your IT team from maintenance and other duties, they can focus on key projects to help you achieve business-building goals.

  6. It’s not “break and fix.” Rather than waiting until a problem reared its head - and interrupted your ability to operate - managed IT services offer a proactive approach that is designed to keep systems running as efficiently as possible.

  7. 24/7 monitoring. Continuous network monitoring relieves the headaches of managing vendor relationships, outages, integration of systems (e.g. phone, cells, printers, websites).

  8. Minimized downtime. A passive approach (wait till it’s broken) results in costly downtime. Can you afford this?

  9. Human contact. Leveraging tech requires the human touch. Understanding systems and knowing how they can work for you is critical. An experienced managed service provider is your go-to for questions - and answers.

  10. It’s not as expensive as you think. Given the access to experts, the 24-hour monitoring, proactive practices, and freedom to concentrate on core tasks not tech, managed IT services can be a tremendous cost-saver.

With a managed services model, you can focus on running your business, not running your tech.