R2 Unified Technologies - On a Mission

R2's ambition is to transform older, legacy architectures into today's scalable, top-performing ones by delivering the most effective collaboration and data-center solutions. The company often sees businesses with 10–15-year-old architectures that could use a good deal of advancement. R2 makes that happen every day.

The business began in the Cisco market, serving SMBs before gaining traction with data center, which was complementary to R2's unified communications product line. The company now delivers VSPEX solutions comprising Cisco, VMware and EMC, all of which are the thought leaders with best-in-the market products in the converged-architecture world. And because R2 sits on one of Cisco's advisory boards, they provide feedback to Cisco and work within its product line before being released to the market.

R2 Unified Technologies' Elastic ITaaS offering provides mid-market enterprises with increased cost efficiencies and rapid innovation using advanced technologies without conceding control or security. Our Elastic ITaaS offerings provide businesses with the agility, efficiency and freedom they require to support continued growth and modernization in today's competitive market.

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Focus makes the Difference

R2 didn't set out to be everything to everyone. Instead, the company provides a laser-focused approach to their solutions and market, living by the motto of Do Right by the Customer. Every associate forms personal relationships with their customers, which is why they return again and again.

As the go-to partner in South Florida for collaboration and data-center architectures, R2 is committed to staying at the forefront of learning about how it's all going to evolve. As an R2 customer, it means you'll receive all the benefits of the latest solutions to make your work easier. We invite you to contact R2 today to see how your business can benefit.