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VSPEX Infrastructure improves high-performance capabilities and ensures constant uptime needs at Datamyx

Datamyx is a risk-based technology provider of data-driven marketing solutions that deliver measurable ROI for direct marketers in the financial industry. Their main business needs were to ensure that their always-on data center had uninterrupted access to its services including constant uptime and high-performance capabilities.

Established as a subsidiary of a larger organization that was private equity held, all infrastructure was hosted by their prior parent company. Datamyx had been struggling with its existing parent-held IT infrastructure which was comprised of disparate systems pieced Together. Due to their disparate, difficult and time-consuming IT infrastructure, they needed to move off their existing provider quickly. They were looking to develop a strategic relationship with a local IT organization to consolidate not only their IT resources but also the amount of technologies manufacturers..

One of their big goals was to eliminate their internal staff and replace with a complete scalable fully-managed solution. They required a solution which would allow them to consolidate their infrastructure into a primary and DR site with a single solution for their compute, networking and storage Requirements.

“They [Datamyx] had a need to develop a web application with 100% uptime and high-performance utilization. R2 focused on delivering a VSPEX architecture that was fully redundant,”
-stated Jason Doherty, Director of Sales at R2 Unified Technologies.

To better position Datamyx and be able to meet their consolidation needs, R2 Unified Technologies helped them design and architect a complete solution from the ground up. R2 helped transform Datamyx’s legacy architecture and enabled them to respond quickly to customer service level agreements and process big data.

To carry out the project, R2 provided a pre-packaged private cloud offering with VSPEX Proven Infrastructure. Being the IT industry’s most flexible reference rchitecture, VSPEX is designed in conjunction with proven est-of-breed technologies such as EMC VNX unified storage, VMware vSphere virtualization, and Cisco UC servers. Focused around server virtualization and end-user computing VPEX fills the gap in offering customers a flexibility of choice while removing the risk and decreasing deployment rates by delivering pre-validated architectures around compute, network and storage. The VSPEX solution scales to known capacities and can be deployed in a rapid reliable manner with build guides created by EMC, VMware, and Cisco. Datamyx was sold on VSPEX’s breadth of integration based on the experience, technical investment, and validated architecture designs from EMC, Cisco, and VMware. Having R2 Unified Technologies as their go-to technical advisory appealed to Datamyx’s need for simplicity and on-demand service offerings.

“Datamyx is a great example of R2’s strength. They [Datamyx] came to us looking for just a simple storage solution…Then we were able to look into their business model and realized that we had all the solutions they needed under one umbrella [VSPEX].”
-Jamie Doherty, CTO and President, R2 Unified Technologies.

Utilizing VSPEX along with R2’s managed services offerings, Datamyx’s network as a whole is now more stable, faster and more reliable than ever. They have the ability to grow, scale and manage their datacenter to meet their big data demands. With an interconnected data center, they’ve enhanced their scalability, flexibility and agility while maximizing their customer satisfaction experience.

With the help of R2, Datamyx was able to achieve both their performance and uptime requirements. They now have two fully redundant data centers managed designed and managed by R2 Unified Technologies. These scalable data centers process large amounts of data in a short period of time. Additionally, due to their high bandwidth applications which required significant I/O throughput, R2 Unified Technologies implemented EMC’s VNX storage array and Cisco’s Nexus Series Switches to help direct the big data throughout their data center. R2 and Datamyx work together on a daily basis to ensure that erformance is meeting its needs and that Datamyx is able to deliver go-to-market strategies to stay competitive in their market and ensure excellent customer experience.

“Because we are moving a lot of data in our environment…the Cisco solution integrates the switching and the hardware of the servers very well and offers for high throughput which is key for us. [With VSPEX,] We have the ability to spin up environments rather quickly to execute on these projects. Everything we had before was single boxes – there was 68 of them – and now there is one.”
-Cauley Sutton, COO, Datamyx

“Our infrastructure was hosted by our former parent company, so we had a need to move our services out of that facility and obtain our own. We wanted to consolidate down and move to an environment that would scale with the business….To be able to have that access to people that can actually resolve the issue…that’s what is important."

Cauley Sutton,