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R2 helps Embraer enhance their customer excellence standards

Embraer Aircraft Holdings, Inc., is the world's third-largest aircraft designer and aeronautical services distributor. With their US-headquarters based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Embraer prides itself in designing and manufacturing innovative aviation for the commercial, military, executive, and agricultural aircraft markets. After landing a three billion dollar contract with Air Costa in 2014 for 50 E-Jets E2 Aircraft and another 50 pending future approval, Embraer, sought out to find an integrated solution provider to manage their massive growth and prevent risk mitigation. They required the assistance of a mature and agile IT organization to assist them with a readiness assessment so that they could introduce the necessary technology to help meet their business needs.

Massive business growth and the need to ensure customer service excellence to their diverse aircraft markets in a manner that is highly available as well as secure, necessitated an assessment and technology investment by Embraer Aircraft Holding, Inc. using leading-edge infrastructure. Datacenter transformation including R2's specialized consultation services was required to offer the latest technology and capacity to support data volumes and business transactions.

"One of the challenges that we had was business...not only in terms of [the] number of locations and sites that required additional infrastructure but also in terms of the nature of the business. We had to take a look at our storage infrastructure, our virtual environment infrastructure and network infrastructure."

- Jack Benabib, IT Infrastructure & Operations Manager, Embraer Aircraft Holdings, Inc.

To meet Embraer’s needs, “We had to do a very large migration with very little downtime,” says Jamie Doherty, President and CTO of R2 Unified Technologies. R2 designed, built, deployed and managed a complete computing environment based on Cisco network infrastructure. R2 noticed that their redundant Nexus switching infrastructure was not built in a redundant fashion.

After finalizing the assessment and migration services for Embraer, R2 was engaged by the company as its managed services partner to their new domestic facility. Embraer had opened the doors to its first US-based engineering and design center. It's exclusive state-of-the art facility will host over 250 engineers responsible as the brainchildren for the next-generation of executive jets. R2 Unified Technologies' team of experts were behind the design, planning and implementation of advanced technologies and optimization in Embraer's brand-new facility.

“R2 was effectively able to bring the resources that we needed to look at all of these technologies in a holistic way to allow us to prepare and support that business."

- Jack Benabib, IT Infrastructure & Operations Manager, Embraer Aircraft Holdings, Inc.

R2’s relationship with Embraer has since transitioned from that of a vendor addressing a pain-point problem to that of a strategic business advocate. “Once R2 was engaged in the U.S., our team realized that we could depend on R2 to help us design and deliver projects with very little intervention from us,” says Benabib. “We rely on R2 not only as an integrator and service provider, but also as a trusted advisor. We’ll work closely with them on our strategies going forward; they’re now part of our team.”

By engaging the help of R2, Embraer has a comprehensive set of services versus hiring a full time professional on their staff. They provide Embraer proactive monitoring, assessments, and management including service desk and technical support to help accommodate their massive business growth and ensure Embraer's success moving forward.

"At Embraer we say that it's about the journey...and the journey is bringing value to the customers through excellence. I found R2 when I was searching for a company to do a readiness assessment for our datacenters in South Florida. We were looking for a partner that was agile and had the maturity that we needed to help us deliver on these projects."

Jack Benabib,
IT Infrastructure &
Operations Manager,
Embraer Aircraft Holdings, Inc.