Cybraics has the most advanced AI-based threat detection available. The platform, nLighten, was developed out of a long-term award-winning government research program designed to support the war on terrorism.

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The advanced technology produced allows R2 to take immediate action when necessary."

Monica Valcavi
R2 IT Support Engineer

The partnership between R2 and Cybraics enables us to provide the next level of cutting-edge security monitoring to our customers. With a platform such as nLighten, R2 is able to exceed basic security monitoring of an environment.

Cybraics has innovated an AI-based cyber threat intelligence platform that aids security teams across a variety of enterprise sizes, making it scalable for our customers while considering their varying types of infrastructures. The advanced technology produced allows R2 to take immediate action when necessary.

Cybraics provides an efficient and swift method to monitor and remediate any potential threats while keeping the customer in mind. Through the use of nLighten, R2 can assist our customers in staying ahead of security threats and attacks.

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At Embraer, we say that it's about the journey... and the journey is bringing value to the customers through excellence. I found R2 when I was searching for a company to do a readiness assessment for our data centers in South Florida. We were looking for a partner that was agile and had the maturity that we needed to help us deliver on these projects."

Jack Benabib
IT Infrastructure & Operations Manager
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It went above and beyond my expectations of what this particular project was going to deliver,” notes Dan. “When I was just looking for better connectivity and throughput, I ended up getting a guest Wi-Fi experience that I can now capture marketing information from in order to deliver more personalized services and interactive content to patients.”

Dan Mirsky
Vice President of IT
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Sage Dental
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The collaboration with R2 started in combination with the move to our new space [Cendyn SPACES], the new building that Cendyn purchased. We realized quickly that Cendyn didn’t have all the expertise required to facilitate that [co-workspace environment with leading-edge telecommunication technologies] reliably.”

Piers Hughs
Cendyn Spaces
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When it came down to it, R2 had the skills, talent and the people in place to support all our [services and collaboration end points] needs.”

Enrique Barrio
HR and Project Administration Manager
Bal Harbor

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