Collaboration technology solutions

It’s time to rip the old telephone system off the wall and bring your workplace into the 21st century. Integrate your voice, video, messaging, and meetings together with a single, easy to use client. In fact, it is so easy an executive can do it.

Let’s get you to a better place. You’re tech savvy, you know that technology enables your business, so we skip the song and dance and deliver good old fashion technology dialogue so you don’t just get tools, you get results.

No more paying five different companies for five different platforms with five unique service level agreements. Get everything you need to run your business in one place, from one partner who knows you and knows your business. Now, doesn’t that sound better?

The collaboration tools you need to be successful

Business innovation is not limited to the board room. We live in an anywhere, anytime world. Deploying the right collaboration tools is how you tap into this fragmented world and make your company shine. At R2, our team of technologists tailor our conversation specifically to you, so you get the right solutions with the precision execution you need to get your project done.

  • Voice Solutions

    Don’t be tethered to your desk. Communicate when you want, how you want. With unified voice communications you can connect with your desk phone, PC client, or mobile phone, through chat, and even video via an IP-based infrastructure. It’s unrealistic to think that business communication should be limited to a device or location in a world that’s more mobile than ever before.

  • Video Solutions

    Today’s collaboration isn’t limited to voice or video, phone or camera; your world’s tightly integrated, so why aren’t your tools? Let’s get personal. Foster an engaging culture bringing internal employees out to the fields and remote workers into the conference room with one-on-one video calling, group video conferencing, and video webcasting to harness your customer experience.

  • Messaging Solutions

    Break away from email for one-word answers, voicemails for confirmation, and wandering the halls to hunt down decisions. Connect, collaborate, and execute in real-time. With unified messaging you’re connected with instant messaging, file sharing, collaboration spaces, and presence notification accessible on your device of choice: mobile phone, desktop client, tablet, you name it.

  • Meeting Solutions

    From sprint meetings to webinars to one-on-one interviews, meeting solutions need to optimize your time and enhance your culture. Whether it’s ad-hoc, in transit, or on-prem, you need meeting tools that connect both video and audio from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Work with a better collaboration partner

You need to ensure your employees are collaborating both with internal teams and external partners across the country and around the globe. This is a fundamental business expectation and a foundational IT solution. You deserve more than the basics, so don’t settle for industry-leading or best-in-class. Strive for better. Get better ideas, better configurations, and better support. You need a partner that is looking at the trends in your industry, matching them to the challenges you’re facing, and building a tailored solution for your business.

Any IT solution provider can spec out a collaboration environment; that’s the easy part. Executing the design, connecting the environment, keeping it running—that’s where we come in.

F3ead: A better approach to technology service

R2 utilizes a six-step services approach inspired by the U.S. military’s special operations forces: “Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze, and Disseminate” (F3EAD) methodology. Partnering with you on your technology journey, we’ll advise, design, implement, and manage your entire IT environment. We’ve invested in technology training and certifications to understand several manufacture products and solutions deeply, and we earn your trust by making recommendations for solutions, services, and products that are right for your unique situation; even if they aren’t our own.

Don’t you deserve

Step out of mediocre and into extraordinary.