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Your data center is the backbone of your organization and the bridge between IT intention and end-user experience. That’s why data centers driven by legacy architecture may keep your core business running but will struggle to propel you forward. What many business leaders are now realizing is that the new possibilities promised by the latest tech—AI, IoT, Blockchain, you name it—will never come to pass without a data center that can extend out to the public cloud and back to the network edge. A data center optimized for growth and built for endurance. When paired with hybrid cloud solutions, a modernized data center can operate more efficiently with automation, analytics, and policy-based security at work. As digital transformation continues to push the demands of the data center, now is the perfect time to clean out the closet and dust off your competitive edge.

It's time to upgrade your legacy data center.

A legacy data center consists of all on-premises hardware and applications. An all-on-premises approach is outdated, so we recommend a hybrid configuration that enables you to leverage a mix of on-premises, public, and cloud architectures. Key to data storage and management for any size company and continual investments in the health of your data center will pay dividends. We offer hybrid architecture solutions that are more reliable, more secure, and less costly than legacy configurations. Partner with a team of technologists that will design a solution to find the right multi-cloud architecture for your business.

Data center networking

Data center networking facilitates the sharing of data across multiple users and devices. A typical network consists of servers that store centralized data, clients that access the data independently, routers and switches that connect devices together, and gateways to manage communications between the data center and the public.

Data protection

When all of an organization’s data is centralized in a physical or cloud-based data center, protecting that data is of the utmost importance. Data protection is an essential service that R2 takes very seriously, by employing both physical and software-based security solutions, including firewalls, anti-malware tools, secure network zones, and more.

Servers & virtualization

With virtualization technologies, software applications can consolidate many physical functions of the data center. Server virtualization improves IT efficiency, reduces downtime, and simplifies the backup process, as well as enabling the migration of data and processes to the cloud.

Storage & converged infrastructure

Converged infrastructure is a packaged approach to data center management and data storage that makes the entire process easier. A converged solution includes server, networking, storage and tools in a single piece of hardware. Built-in management and virtualization software are included.

A better data center with a multi-cloud approach

You need a partner that is looking at the trends in your industry, matching them to the challenges you’re facing, and building a tailored solution for your business. Any IT solution provider can sell you new servers when the old ones go end-of-life. You want to excel and the ability to capitalize on what innovative technology and architectures have to offer. Executing the design, connecting the environment, keeping it running—that’s where we come in.

A better approach to technology service

R2 utilizes a six-step services approach inspired by the U.S. military’s special operations forces: “Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze, and Disseminate” (F3EAD) methodology. Partnering with you on your technology journey, we’ll advise, design, implement, and manage your entire IT environment. We’ve invested in technology training and certifications to understand several manufacture products and solutions deeply, and we earn your trust by making recommendations for solutions, services, and products that are right for your unique situation; even if they aren’t our own.

Discover the impact we’ve had on our clients’ success.

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At Embraer, we say that it's about the journey... and the journey is bringing value to the customers through excellence. I found R2 when I was searching for a company to do a readiness assessment for our data centers in South Florida. We were looking for a partner that was agile and had the maturity that we needed to help us deliver on these projects."

Jack Benabib
IT Infrastructure & Operations Manager
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It went above and beyond my expectations of what this particular project was going to deliver,” notes Dan. “When I was just looking for better connectivity and throughput, I ended up getting a guest Wi-Fi experience that I can now capture marketing information from in order to deliver more personalized services and interactive content to patients.”

Dan Mirsky
Vice President of IT
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Sage Dental
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The collaboration with R2 started in combination with the move to our new space [Cendyn SPACES], the new building that Cendyn purchased. We realized quickly that Cendyn didn’t have all the expertise required to facilitate that [co-workspace environment with leading-edge telecommunication technologies] reliably.”

Piers Hughs
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When it came down to it, R2 had the skills, talent and the people in place to support all our [services and collaboration end points] needs.”

Enrique Barrio
HR and Project Administration Manager

Our customers say it best.

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When it came down to it, R2 had the skills, talent and the people in place to support all our services and collaboration end points needs."

Enrique Barrio
Bal Harbour Shops
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They go above and beyond what they signed for and won’t nickel and dime us. R2 Unified Technologies is there to help.

Eduardo Cardena
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At Embraer we say that it's about the journey...and the journey is bringing value to the customers through excellence. I found R2 when I was searching for a company to do a readiness assessment for our datacenters in South Florida. We were looking for a partner that was agile and had the maturity that we needed to help us deliver on these projects.

Jack Benabib
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“SD-WAN across 60 locations is a big project. It’s a scary project, and I can’t imagine doing it with anybody else. R2 has helped us put the right processes and efficiencies in place, and we can trust that what they’re proposing is the best solution for us.”

Dan Mirsky
Sage Dental
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Very good group of guys that go out of the way to do things right.

Ernesto Bec
Liberty Power
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The best IT team in South Florida. Friendly and knowledgeable team that will go the extra mile to help their clients and even ex-clients.

Mobark Abdelrahman
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“Your hand in the coordination of internet and wifi was amazing. Not only were you able to troubleshoot issues in a timely manner, you stayed ahead of the game by anticipating and being proactive with our needs. The communications you had with Tom were spot on and we couldn't have asked for better. R2 Unified Technologies has raised the level of service that we've long sought, but too often fell short in finding.”

Wilson Tang
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"We were thrilled with the quality of the customer support we received from R2, as well as the additional benefits we didn't even expect."

Nicole Voigt
Traffic Management Solutions

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