Why Cloud Security Managed Services Are More Important Than Ever

Security has always been an important aspect of IT. But with the recent spate of high-profile data breaches, it's even more of a concern. Many businesses and other organizations assume that by transitioning to cloud services, their security will be automatically assured. After all, surely companies like Amazon and Microsoft have cloud security resources you could never dream of, right? 

While it’s true that being in the cloud offers several measurable security benefits, just being in the cloud alone is not enough to make your business and its data secure. Cloud security requires work on the part of an organization and its staff to realize the full benefits, and this can be challenging. One excellent way to achieve cloud security more easily is to hire a managed services provider (MSP). 

Managed security services have a lot of benefits—including best-in-class security solutions. Through the help of an MSP, you can ensure that your business’ cloud can be much safer than you might get while going it alone. 

In this blog, we’ll examine the importance of managed security for the cloud and the many benefits a cloud security provider can offer a business. Let's take a look at why cloud security managed services are becoming more important than ever.

Free Up Your Internal Resources for Innovation 

There are many benefits to using an MSP to improve your organization’s cloud cyber security, but one of the most important is that it can help to free up internal resources that can be better used elsewhere. When an organization outsources its security needs, it can focus its attention on other areas of the business. There's no more putting out fires or answering help desk tickets; your IT team is there to support your staff and generate revenue. 

This is especially important in today's business landscape, where innovation is key to success. As companies find themselves in increasingly more competitive environments, they need to be able to differentiate. Such differentiation can only occur through innovation. 

Get Access to the Latest Security Technology 

Another benefit of managed cloud security is that organizations can get access to the latest security technology without having to make a significant upfront investment. MSPs typically invest in new security technologies and then offer them to their clients as part of their service. In the past, this had to do with the leasing of hardware or bulk discounts. Now, it includes complete security suites. 

This can be a major advantage for organizations that don't have the budget to keep up with the latest security trends. A managed services provider can help even a small organization keep up with major enterprises within their field. With better security technology, a company can worry less and make more. 

Increase Efficiency and Cost Savings 

In addition to freeing up internal resources and giving organizations access to the latest security technology, managed security services can also help to increase efficiency and achieve cost savings. This is because MSPs are able to leverage their economies of scale to provide their services at a lower cost than most organizations could achieve on their own. Savings Controller on Black Control Console with Blue Backlight. Improvement, regulation, control or management concept.

It's a globalized world. Many companies are now experiencing competition the likes of which they had never seen before. Increased efficiency and cost savings may very well be a make-or-break for companies within competitive fields. 

Improve Client Services and Increase Client Security 


Managed security services can help to improve an organization's overall security posture, which in turn builds trust with employees. Studies have shown that when a company is breached, it loses a significant amount of customer faith. If the company wasn't already well-established, it could lose a significant amount of its customer base. But by improving client services and increasing client security, companies can also bolster their client retention. 

Future Proof Your Technology 

As the world of technology continues to evolve, it's important for organizations to future-proof their security systems. Managed security services don't just offer organizations access to the latest security technologies and trends... they make sure that organizations are investing in a tech stack that will serve them for years to come. No one wants to undergo multiple disruptions. 

This is especially important as we move into the era of cloud computing and the Internet of Things, where new threats are constantly emerging and new technologies are needed at every turn. 

Get Access to Experts and Specialists 

When you outsource your security needs, you're not just getting access to the latest technology... you're also getting access to experts and specialists. This can be a major advantage, especially for smaller organizations that don't have the internal resources to support a comprehensive security program. 

MSPs typically have staff with a wide range of skills and experience, including: 

  • Security analysts 
  • Threat intelligence specialists 
  • Vulnerability management experts 
  • Risk management specialists 
  • Compliance experts 

This gives organizations the ability to draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience when needed, rather than trying to piece together a solution from scratch. It also allows organizations to tap into specialized skills and knowledge, rather than relying on generalists. 

Support for Large Projects and Transitions 

Outsourcing your security needs can also be a major advantage when it comes to large projects or transitions. MSPs can provide the additional resources and support needed to get through these types of projects, without putting strain on the internal IT staff. 

This is especially important for companies undergoing digital transformation or migrating to the cloud. These types of projects can be massive undertakings, and often require a major investment in new security technologies. 


MSPs can help to make these projects more manageable and ensure that the transition is smooth and successful. 

Better Government and Industry Compliance 

Improve your security stance to improve your compliance. Managed security services can also help organizations to meet government and industry compliance requirements. MSPs are typically up to date on the latest compliance regulations and can help organizations to implement the necessary controls. Many security compliance requirements, such as the FedRAMP system, can feel complex if not tackled by an expert. 

MSPs can also provide ongoing support to ensure that organizations remain compliant over time. This is especially important for companies in heavily regulated industries, such as healthcare and finance. 

Maintain 24/7 Monitoring on Your Business Cloud 

One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing your security needs is that you can maintain 24/7 monitoring on your cloud infrastructure. MSPs typically have staff working around the clock to monitor and respond to any threats. Most SMBs don't have the internal resources to support 24/7 monitoring, nor do they have the desire to. But incidents can occur at any time. Someone has to be prepared. 

This is a major advantage, especially for companies that don't have the internal resources to support 24/7 monitoring. By outsourcing your security needs, you can be sure that someone is always on call to respond to any incidents. 

Get Your Cloud Security Managed by R2 

Achieve better security through managed services. As data breaches become more common, organizations need to be proactive about their security. Managed security services can provide the expert guidance and support needed to keep data safe. 

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