Networking solutions

In an age of sprawling communications, businesses can no longer approach network planning and management in an ad-hoc fashion. Your IT network underpins everything you do. Every lead you convert, every invoice you send, every phone call you make, and every file you share. Innovation doesn’t happen by accident and neither does a good network.

Let’s get you to a better place. From the data center core, up to the cloud and out to the edge, we’ve seen how a holistic enterprise networking strategy can transform a business from the inside out. Let’s see what it can do for yours.

You need a better network

You’re tech-savvy so we’re going to skip the basics: how your network connects users through local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs). You also know that designing and actively maintaining your IT network is necessary for connecting all the people and places across your organization’s footprint.

This is where most partners stop. Getting you connected and building a framework. To be better, you have to go beyond basic LAN and WAN connectivity. Basic isn’t going to set you apart from the competition or free up your staff. With technology and security rapidly changing, an aging network happens sooner than you might think. Don’t be susceptible to congestion, underperformance, data loss, and worse, security risk due to lack of integration and visibility.

We won’t stand for mediocre or good enough. At R2, our team of technologists tailor our conversation specifically to you, so you get the right solutions with the precision execution you need to get your project done. We will help you determine the size and shape of your network, and how best to implement it to meet your organization’s specific needs.

  • Route & Switch

    While this is foundational, we’ll make sure you’ve got what you need to take your business to the next level. Routers and switches are essential to your network, acting as the foundation to build your unified LAN and WAN technology environment. Switches connect devices within a network, and routers connect the multiple networks within your infrastructure.

  • Wireless Networking

    Wireless networks give your employees the convenience to work without being tethered to their desks. For a mobile-enabled workforce that increasingly relies on tablets, smartphones, and laptops, wireless networking is more than a luxury.

  • Software-Defined Networking

    Software-defined networking (SDN) moves away from traditional networking architecture by enabling an administrator to route network traffic from a centralized control console, without needing to physically handle switching hardware. Improved network control offering simplified management, automation, and intent-based configuration with faster application deployment.

  • SD-WAN

    A software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) enables organizations to manage the WAN with an additional layer of configuration that enables self-healing properties to recognize and mitigate traffic congestion. SD-WAN technology helps to lower the cost of operation and provide more efficient resource usage.

A networking partner that is simply better

You need to ensure your employees are collaborating both with internal teams and external partners across the country and around the globe. This is a fundamental business expectation which requires a foundational IT solution. You deserve more than the basics, so don’t settle for industry-leading or best-in-class. Strive for better. Get better ideas, better configurations, and better support. You need a partner that is looking at the trends in your industry, matching them to the challenges you’re facing, and building a tailored solution for your business.

Any IT solution provider can spec out a collaboration environment; that’s the easy part. Executing the design, connecting the environment, keeping it running—that’s where we come in.

F3ead: A better approach to technology service

R2 utilizes a six-step services approach inspired by the U.S. military’s special operations forces: “Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze, and Disseminate” (F3EAD) methodology. Partnering with you on your technology journey, we’ll advise, design, implement, and manage your entire IT environment. We’ve invested in technology training and certifications to understand several manufacture products and solutions deeply, and we earn your trust by making recommendations for solutions, services, and products that are right for your unique situation; even if they aren’t our own.

Don’t you deserve

Step out of mediocre and into extraordinary.