How the best IT solutions help small business

What keeps you up at night? What drives your days, your budget, and your decisions?

According to a recent Harris Poll, the top sleep-sapping worry is not having enough time in the day to accomplish mission-critical tasks. Small business owners also report that limited resources, finding the right talent, managing people, and implementing the right IT solutions are significant sources of concern. How can small business IT tools and systems help alleviate these issues?

Get the Small Business IT Results You Need

IT is a major component of the budget: the majority of small businesses spend an average of 1 to 24 percent of their total annual budgets on technology. Utilizing technology intelligently helps drive results. When using the right tech tools, organizations can empower:

  • Constant Collaboration.Agility and flexibility are critical.IT solutionsempower teams to “meet,” exchange ideas, share information, ask questions, and get the answers they need in real-time, whether they’re in the same building or a continent away. From simple email and text messages to project management platforms, this has never been easier - or faster. Not enough time during the day? Free some time up with these solutions!
  • Customer Connections.There is a plethora of ways for small businesses to reach their customers. Email, blogs, forums, websites and, of course, social media allow immediate connection and feedback that organizations can leverage for enhanced results. The key is to make sure communication is streamlined and continually flowing. If you want customers to give you feedback, respond promptly.
  • Employee Training.While you have to train new and veteran employees when implementing newIT solutions, you can also leverage tech to train them in … anything. What do they need to know in order to do their jobs effectively? Online training portals, gamification systems, and other platforms allow businesses to create cohesive training programs. This is especially helpful if you have multiple locations/sites and/or remote employees.

This is just the tip of the tip of the iceberg. For small business, IT has the potential to elevate the ability to compete with larger entities, scoop up talent, reach consumers, and much more. Ask us about how you can accomplish your unique small business goals!