Top 3 issues affecting business computer networks

Wondering how to secure a business network? Understanding prevalent threats is your first step. Let’s take a look at common computer network security issues - and solutions.

Is Your Organization At Risk?

You could be - without even knowing.

  1. 123456, Password: Weak Access Passwords
    Seems too simple, doesn’t it? Yet “easy” passwords leave your system open to brute forcing - a “trial and error” method of cracking access passwords. And, no, CAPTCHA does not fully protect you from attacks in which bots can access your network. What does? Strong passwords.
    Require your people to use at least seven characters, at least three numbers, and at least one special character. All passwords should expire regularly (e.g., every month/quarter), and you can also put restrictions on the reusing of old passwords. It is simple.
  2. Holes in the Fence: Unpatched Vulnerabilities
    Every organization fears “zero day” attacks. That is, the attack occurs on the same day that a vulnerability is discovered. As they should.But most attacks are the result of known vulnerabilities.For example, the Verizon Data Breach Report 2016 pointed out that most of the data breaches that year were caused by “holes in the fence” that were a decade old.
    Do you have vulnerabilities in your network? Likely. The best way to protect yourself is to keep up with security patches according to a strict schedule.
  3. Hey, Roomie! Shared Hosting
    Shared hosting creates an environment in which multiple websites live on one web server - think of it like sharing a house with a few roommates. You save money, and you have those handy walls to give you your own space. But what if a burglar breaks into your roomie’s bedroom? They can easily get into yours.

Secure cloud hosting prevents this vulnerability. You can have roommates (of a sort) on a public cloud, but your bedroom door is bolted, deadbolted, and chained closed against intruders.

It can seem like there are more computer network security issues than you can possibly keep up with. We’re here. Ask our expert team how to secure a business network and seal up vulnerabilities that expose you to risk.