Innovation is not an accident: It’s a culture

R2 was founded in 2008 out of the need to provide mid-market businesses with more. More skills, more resources, and better service. Do right by your customer. And so we did. For more than a decade R2 has focused on tailored solutions and genuine service receiving all the IT accolades that come with it. From Inc 500/5000 to Cisco Partner of the year R2 has been successful because we’ve taken a different approach. One that has served our customers, our employees, and our partners better.

To be a technology partner, it’s not about what you sell, it’s about how you deliver. Innovation, passion, and execution will continue to be the principals for which we hire, retain, and serve. Technology plays such a critical role in your business, and that’s why you need a team that will approach IT differently. We do IT because we love it. Each, and every one of us. Our team is eager to bring you more, because at our core, we’re committed to do right by you, our customer. Always.

Our mission statement

Our mission is to provide superior service and continuous innovation to exceed the expectations of our customers and partners.


Be dynamic, challenge yourself for better solutions each day.


Strive for superior service with our customers and partners.


Achieve positive and acceptable results for all parties in conflict.


Treat others as you wish to be treated, in and out of the workplace.

Work hard, play hard

The desire to work hard and provide the best solutions possible permeates throughout the R2 organization. Even after a solution is delivered, R2 continues to do right by the customer by supplying documentation that is both easy for upper management to digest and comprehensive enough to serve as a valuable IT department resource.

As a result, customers count on R2 to keep their best interests in mind. Whether during one-off projects, service-based maintenance contracts, or times of crisis, this level of trust is solidified by R2’s employees who strive to ensure every customer experiences top-notch service throughout every step of the way.

But you know what they say: all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The team at R2 embraces this philosophy in its fun, family-style corporate culture. Customers enjoy this same culture while partaking in sponsored outings, dinners, and learning events.

We will do right by you, always.

We say we’re better, but don’t just take our word for it.

We execute, period

Execution is in our DNA. Our partners refer us for it and our customers stay with us because they know we get the job done, right.

To get the job done, you’ve got to approach it differently. In this industry its not enough to understand technology is important and call in our manufacture partners to explain why. You need to love technology, be passionate about. To welcome good ole’ fashion technology debates about speeds, feeds, and the right manufacturer for your business. Our team is built of technologist; people with a passion for technology that study, understand, innovate, and teach it. Day in and day out. We’re not your traditional solution providers, and we won’t pretend to be, because that’s not what our customers need. You deserve better. Our team is eager to bring you more, because at our core, we’re committed to do right by you, our customer.  With every interaction. With every integration. Always. This is what better means.

Why we do it


Passionate about technology and genuine in our approach; R2 is committed to do right by you, always. With every integration, with every interaction.


We execute. Period. You need a project that is done right, the first time. This is what we do; precision execution delivering an extraordinary experience.


It takes a team of extraordinary technologists with a shared passion to anticipate then innovate. A team who will prepare you for better and bring you more.

Don’t you deserve

Step out of mediocre and into extraordinary.